Movie Names: Alice–Screen Heroines in Movies

Research in Progress (Oct 29, 2021)

I have always been intrigued by the symbolic and mythic meanings of the names of screen heroes and heroines.

Alice is one of those names, used by various directors, in various genres.

Movies with female leads named Alice (in alphabetical order):

A Place on the Sun, 1951, George Stevens (Shelley Winters played Alice Tripp)

Alice, 1990, Woody Allen (Mia Farrow)

Alice Adams, 1935, Stevens (Katharine Hepburn)

Alice’s Restaurant, 1971

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 1974, Scorsese (Ellen Burstyn)

Alice in Wonderland (literary character in various film versions)

Best Man, The, 1964, Franklin Schaffner (Alice Russell, played by Margaret Leighton, married to Henry Fonda’s presidential candidate).

Blackmail, 1929, Hitchcock (Alice White)

Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, 1969, Mazursky (Dyan Cannon)

Cat People, 1942, Jacques Tourneur, Alice Moore

Clock, The 1945, Minnelli (Alice Walker, played by Judy Garland)

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999, Kubrick (Nicole Kidman is Alice, married to Tom Cruise’s doctor)

Fighter, The, 2010, David O. Russell (Melissa Leo as the mother)

Killing of Sister George, 1968, The, Robert Aldrich (played by Sussanah York)

Lost Highway, 1997, David Lynch (Patricia Arquette plays Alice Wakefield)

Man for All Seasons, 1966, Fred Zinnemann (Wendy Hiller plays Scofield’s wife).

Proof of Life, 2000, Taylor Hackford (Meg Ryan as Alice)

Unforgiven, 1994, Clint Eastwood (Strawberry Alice, played by Frances Framer)

Village, The, 2004, Shyamalan (Sigourney Weaver plays Alice Hunt)


Foreign Films:

Alice in the Cities, 1971, Wenders

Alice and the Mayor, 2019