Movie Stars: Elgort, Ansel–Next Big Thing?

At the premiere of “Men, Women & Children,” fresh off from the success of “The Fault in Our Stars,” Ansel Elgort, the heartthrob received  a huge welcome from his fans.

Elgort appeared to be too busy catering to his lustful fans to talk to print media, but co-star Adam Sandler made it clear he’s not the jealous type.

“I’ll give it all to Ansel,” Sandler said. “I love that kid. He’s a sweet kid and it’s just a nice energy to be around. He wasn’t a superstar when we shot this movie but now he’s certainly having a good time.”

“Men, Women & Children” is a cross-generational story about the ways that social media and technology are make it difficult for people to connect on a human level even as they break down barriers to communication. In a departure, Sandler plays an unhappily married man who becomes increasingly reliant on internet porn. “50 First Dates” it decidedly is not.

Sandler seemed energized by the challenge of working with “Juno” and “Up in the Air” director Jason Reitman. “I like being part of other people’s vision,” he said. “It’s nice that they want to bring me on that ride.”

The film is discomfiting and demanding, but Reitman said the audiences at Toronto are up to the challenge.  “You get audiences here that are just as keen to be pushed as they are to be entertained,” said Reitman. “I can bring a film that’s going to make people laugh and also is going to make them walk out of the theater with questions in their head.”

Sandler made it clear that his work in the picture had left him feeling more vigilant and aware of the challenges of parenting in the internet age.  “There’s a lot of stuff out there as a parent you’re nervous about — schools, friends, what they’re getting into,” he said. “This is just another thing to keep an eye on and it’s there every day to watch.”