1 Hollywood Elite: Oscar Directors

December 1, 2020

Hollywood Elite: The Oscar Directors

Career, Achievement, Reputation 


Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Social Origins

Background, Occupational Inheritance; Social Class; Race/Ethnicity; Nationality

Chapter 2: Formal Education and Training:

Chapter 3: Age at First Film:

Chapter 4: Age at First Oscar Nomination:

Chapter 5: Age of Winning First Oscar

Chapter 6: Multiple Nominations; Nominations Span

Chapter 7: Winners Vs. Nominees

Chapter 8: American Vs. Foreign Directors

Chapter 9: Recognition: Peers, Critics, Festivals

Chapter 10: Genre (specialties) of Nomination and Winning

Chapter 11: Career Shape: Trends and Patterns

Longevity; Career Output; Highs and Lows; Ups and Downs

Frequent Collaborators (Actors, Craftsmen)

Chapter 12: Last Decade:

Age at Last Film:

Retirement; Attrition; Death

Chapter 13: Lifestyle–Marriage Within the Profession; Politics (Political Activism)

Chapter 14: Legacy; Reputation



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