Cineliteracy: Defining Movie Culture? Promoting Cinematic Knowledge

My new project deals with the issue of cineliteracy, how to define it? how to promote it?

I am concerned with the ways and methods of using the educational system to disseminate cinematic knowledge and appreciation of film in a more widely democratic and more efficiently way.

In terms of pleasure, meaning, and relevance, mass culture as reflected in popular movies, is more significant to more people than high culture as reflected in art films.

Various scholars have studied the literacy by using notion of the Great Tradition. They have typically constructed a list of canonical works (classic and modern books) that inform and instruct individuals about what they need to know.

What should an educated person know by way of movies as art works, and cinema as a global institution?

Among several goals, I wish to give some popular and commercial movies the same status, attention, consideration, and evaluation, which thus far have been reserved for classic features, such as art films, independents, and documentaries.