Movie Genres: Biblical Epics at the Box-Office

There’s a good deal of anticipation for Aronofsky’s biblical saga, Noah, starring Russell Crowe.

Meanwhile, when the commercial performance of Hollywood’s biblical epics of the past are adjusted for inflation, the following picture emerges:

1. The Ten Commandments, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, in 1956, starring Charlton Heston

$1.1 billion

2. Ben-Hur, directed by William Wyler, in 1959, starring Charlton Heston

$818.3 million

3. The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson, in 2004, starring Gibson

$754.6 million

4. The Prince of Egyption, animated feature, in 1998

$312.4 million

5. The Greatest Story Ever Told, directed by George Stevens, in 1965, starring Jeffrey Hunter