1 Levy: Film Lovers; Dramatic Need (Movie Need)

Research in Progress, Aug 1, 2022

Name of club: FLA (Film Lovers Association)

CLU (Cinema Lovers Unite)

FLE (Film Lovers Everywhere)

GMLA (Global Movie Lovers Unite)

GAMA (Global Association of Movie Afficionados)


MN (Movie Need)

ML (Movie Love)

Dramatic Need

Dramatic Need is a UK-registered charity that sends international arts professionals (musicians, artists and actors) to host workshops in underprivileged and rural communities in Africa.

The charity promotes creative expression as tool for conflict resolution, social development, gender empowerment and the assimilation of health messages in underprivileged communities.

Dramatic Need also provides art, music and film-making equipment to schools in South Africa and Rwanda. Volunteers on the Dramatic Need program work with the children towards producing a performance or exhibition based on the issues that directly affect their communities.

The charity has been particularly effective in encouraging young people to discuss and challenge the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

The Official Patron of Dramatic Need is Her Excellency Dr. Lindiwe Mabuza, former South African High Commissioner to the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Board of Trustees includes the Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle and South African-born actor Sir Antony Sher.