1 Hitchcock: Sexuality

July 10, 2022

The key to H’s films is less  suspense than sexuality.

His suspense always carries a sexual charge in way that are obvious or esoteric.

Sexual relationship in his work are based on power, obsession with power and dread of impotence

Shadow of Doubts: its sexuality that cracks the family apart.

In Amer films from Notorious to Psycho: unsatiated sensuality, heavy patting, frustrating coldness, emotional relief

The heavy pettingin Notorious, North, suggests  frustrating coldness, intercourse with neither orgasm or emoional relief.

H eveolved with time

H first treated sex and violence indirectly, then in stylized representation, finally with graphic directness.

Link between theft and sex

To Catch a Thief: comically described

Marnie: association between kleptomania and pathological sexuality

Family Plot: kidnapping and stealing make her feel “tingly.”