1 Hitchcock: Characters–Bespectacled Woman, Housemaids

July 16, 2022


Intellectually inferior, but sexually unattractive bespectacled woman, with insight inti what remains hidden or unknown t others.

Shadow: sister of Young Charlie, haughty

Spellbound: Ingrid Bergman, the bespectacled woman who knows too much

Strangers on Train: Ruth Roman’s sister (played by H’s daughter)


Midge, Scottie’s ex-fiancee

Wrong Man: bank teller who wrongly identifies Fonda as robber (Zizek, p. 125)


Under Capricorn, Millie, sinister housemaid

Rebecca, Mrs. Danvers

Marnie, Lil fulfills household functions

(make reference to Gaslight and Angela Lansbury).