Star Wars: Episode VIII–Director Rian Johnson on Future Chapter

This is going to start right where the last one left off–”Episode VIII” director Rian Johnson

Revenant: Oscar Winner Inarritu’s Physical and Existential Journey

The story of Glass (played by DiCaprio) asks the questions: Who are we when we are completely stripped of everything? What are we made of and what are we capable of?”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens–New Mysterious Figures?

Abrams shed light on the origins of the galaxy’s new oppressors in his conversation with Empire magazine.

Smith, Will: Still a Globally Popular Star? Focus Should Prove

Is Will Smith still a globally bankable star? Will Smith needs to prove that he is still one of the most powerful Hollywood stars with Focus, his new heist romance with Margot Robbie, hits theaters. Early tracking suggests that reports of the “Men in Black’s” star’s demise as a bankable leading man appear to be […]

Rivers, Joan: Some Memorable Lines

When I die, I don’t want some rabbi rambling on; I want Meryl Streep crying, in five different accents.