Queer Studies

This course examines the emerging interdisciplinary field of Queer and Trans Studies, which concerns the history and culture of transgender, transsexual, non-binary, and non gender conforming people.

From 19th century (and ongoing sexology), to 1950s (and ongoing) genital “corrections” of intersex infants, to the 1969 Stonewall (and ongoing) rebellions for gay/lesbian liberation, to the 1970s second wave (and ongoing) feminist movement.

The history of transgenderism has intersected lesbian, gay, bi, intersexual, and feminist histories in complicated ways.  The phrase “a woman in a man’s body” has typed male homosexuals as well as transsexuals.

Genital surgeries forced on inter-sexuals have been sought by transsexuals. Internal and lateral oppression often truncate coalitions against oppression.

Within this complex history of theory and practice, trans* activists, lawyers, health workers, celebrities, scholars, artists, and filmmakers have produced an immense and vibrant culture.