Movie Theaters in Israel: Chen Cinema

Dizengoff Square,

Tel Aviv

    Chen Cinema


    Rav-Chen Cinema

    The Chen Cinema opened in the center of Tel-Aviv in 1950 and was, at the time, one of the most lavish cinemas in town.

    It had huge seating capacity divided into stalls and a circle.

    From the beginning it showed Hollywood hits.

    It was designed in the German Bauhaus style which is typical to many of the buildings built in Tel Aviv at the time, and especially Dizengoff Square area, where it is located.

    In 1982 it was divided to 6 screens, the biggest one (Screen 1) maintaining the old stalls area with 738 seats.

    Screens 2 & 3 are located in the old circle area. Screens 4, 5, 6 are located in other areas of the building, not a part of the old auditorium.

    It also changed it’s name to Rav-Chen, meaning: Multiple-Chen.

    Today, although not in a shopping mall, it is still one of the busiest cinemas in Israel, still showing Hollywood hits.

    It is owned and managed by Israel Theaters, the company that it belonged to from the start and is part of the Rav-Chen theaters chain, to which it provided it’s name.

    Over the last few years the same company established new sub-chain called Planet, which has megaplexes containing over 15 screens.

    Contributed by Rani Graff (Movie Treasures)