Just as I Am: A Memoir by Cycley Tyson

Just As I Am, By Cicely Tyson

Few will accomplish what the award-winning actress and activist Cicely Tyson did in her 96 years.

The Emmy and Tony-winner released her memoir just 2 days before her death at 96-years-old.

One would never know that while growing up, a church girl, she barely spoke but finally felt that “in my ninth decade, I am a woman who, at long last, has something meaningful to say.”

It offers a peek into her tumultuous marriage to jazz icon Miles Davis, who she has called the love of her life, and her lawsuit against the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.

In her more than six decades of appearing on stage and screen, she shattered stereotypes and shares those memories of dealing with racial and gender inequality.

Cicely Tyson Just As I Am, Memoirs by Black AuthorsCourtesy of Amazon