Apropos of Nothing: Woody Allen’s Memoir

I am eager to read the upcoming memoir of Woody Allen, Apropos of Nothing, which surely will be controversial–no matter what he writes and reveals.

Grand Central Publishing, an imprint of Hachette, announced March 2 it would be distributing the memoir and billed the book as “a comprehensive account of [Allen’s] life, both personal and professional, that describes his work in films, theater, television, nightclubs, and print. Allen also writes of his relationships with family, friends, and the loves of his life.”

Dylan Farrow, who has long accused Allen of molesting her when she was a child, is denouncing the book ahead of its April 7 publication.

In her statement, Farrow calls the upcoming memoir “deeply unsettling.”
“Hachette’s publishing of Woody Allen’s memoir is deeply unsettling to me personally and an utter betrayal of my brother whose brave reporting, capitalized on by Hachette, gave voice to numerous survivors of sexual assault by powerful men,” Farrow’s statement reads. “For the record, I was never contacted by any fact checkers to verify the information in this memoir, demonstrating an egregious abdication of Hachette’s most basic responsibility. On the other hand, my story has undergone endless scrutiny and has never been published without extensive fact checking. This provides yet another example of the profound privilege that power, money, and notoriety affords. Hachette’s complicity in this should be called out for what it is and they should have to answer for it.”