1 Levy DVD Library: A to Z (Movies, Directors, Stars)

Feb 10, 2021

A (80)

Apu Trilogy (3)

4 Months

7th Voyage of Sinbad (p)

76 Days (docu)

8 Women


12 Monkeys (p)

21 Grams (p)

22 July

28 Days Later (p)

42nd Street (p)

71 Fragments (p)

127 Hours

300 (p)


About a Boy

About Schmidt (Nicholson, p)

Absolutely Fabulous (p)

Ace Ventura (double feature, Jim Carrey) (p)

Act of Valor (p)

Adjustment Bureau, The (Matt Damon, p)

Advise and Consent (Preminger, Fonda) (p)

Affair Love (French, Nathalie Baye, p)

After Hours (Scorsese)

Alibi (p)

After Hours (Scorsese, p)

Alice Doesn’t Live (Scorsese, p)

Alien Collection (4) (p)

Alien Covenant (Blu, p)


All the King’s Men (p)

All the President’s Men (Blu, p)

All Quiet on the Western Front  (Oscar) (p)

All the Money in the World

All This, and Heaven Too (Davis Collection)

Amelie (French, p)

American Honey

American Hustle

American Made

American Pastoral

American Splendor  (p)

Americanization of Emily, The (p)

And Justice for All (p)

And Then They Danced (Sweden, Cannes Fest, gay, 2019)

Angel at My Table (Campion)

Angels in America (DVD, p)

Annihilation (DVD, p)

Angels With Dirty Faces

Anna Karenina (Russian)

Annie Hall



Anti-Christ (Von Trier)


Apartment, The (p)

Apocalypse Now


Apollo 13

Arabian Nights (p)


Arizona Dream (p)


Artist, The (DVD, p)

Assassination of Jesse Jame, The

At Eternity Gate (Schnabel)

Atlantis (foreign)

Avengers: Entire Collection (box of 20, p)

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Endgame (p)

Aviator, The (Scorsese

August: Osage County

Austin Powers (3) (p)

Away from Her (Julie Christie, p)


Aeronauts, The


B (about 100)

Baby Boom

Baby Doll

Baby Driver

Bad Day at Black Rock

Bad Lieutenant (Ferrara, Keitel) (p)

Bad Santa (p)

Bad Seed (p)

Bad Times at El Royale

Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Ballad of Cable Hogue

Ballad of Jack and Rose


Ballet Russes (Docu)

Band Wagon, The (Minnelli)

Band’s Visit

Barkleys of Broadway, The (Astaire-Rogers)

Batman (p)

Battle of the Sexes

Beach Rats (Gay)

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beatriz at Dinner

Beau Travail (DVD)

Beaufort (p)

Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2919)

Becket (p)

Before Midnight (Linklater)

Before Sunset (Linklater)

Before Night Falls (Schnabel, p)

Begin Again

Beginners (Gay) (Oscar)

Beguiled, The (S. Coppola)

Behind the Sun (Salles)

Behold the Pale Horse (p)

Bel Canto (Julianne Moore)


Belles Are Ringing (Minnelli)

Benny’s Video

Besieged (Bertolucci)

Best Years of Our Lives, The (Oscar, Wyler) (p)

Big Country (Wyler, Peck, Heston)

Big Red One, The (Fuller, p)

The Big Short (Oscar nominee)

Big Sick, The

Billy Jack (trilogy, p)

Bird Box

Birdman (O, blue)

Birdy (Nicolas Cage)

Birth of a Nation (p)

Biutiful (Inarritu)

Blackboard Jungle (Glenn Ford, Richard Brooks)

Black and White and Color (French, Jean Jacques Annaud)

Black Panther

BlackkKlansman (Spike Lee)

Blade Runner (p)

Blade Runner 2049 (2)

Blair Witch Project (Spanish)

Blazing Saddles

Blind Side, The

Blood and Wine (Nicholson)

Blue Velvet (Lynch, p)

Blue Jasmin Allen)

Blues Brothers (p)

Bob Carol Ted Alice (Mazursky)

Bodyguard, The

Bohemian Rhapsody (Oscar)

Boiler Room (Affleck)

Bonne and Clyde (2, p)

Book Smart (2019)

Boom Town (Gable)

Das Boot


Borat 2

Border Incident

Boys in the Band (1970) (p)

Boys in the Band (2020)

Brigadoon (Minnelli)

Bringing Up Baby

Broadway Melody (Oscar)

Broadway Melody of 1940, The



Buffalo Bill and the Indians (Altman, Newman)

Bullets or Ballots

Bunny Lake Is Missing (Preminger)

Burleaque (p)

Burn After Reading (Coen Brothers)

Burnt (Bradley Cooper)

Butcher Boy

Butler, The


C (about 30)

Cabin in the Sky (Minnelli)

Cache (M. Haneke)

Café Society (Woody Allen)

La cage aux folles (French, gay)

California Split

Call Me By Your Name (gay)

Can You Ever Forgive Me (Gay)

Capote (Gay)

Captain Courageous

Captain Fantastic

Captain Phillips

Captains Courageous (Tracy)

Carlito’s Way


Carnal Knowledge


Casablanca (Oscar)

Casino (De Niro, Scorsese)

Catch Me If You Can (DiCaprio)

Central Station (Salles)

City of Conquest

City of God (Mereilles)

Close Encounters (spe. edition)


Contrand (Michael Powell, noir)

Counterfeiters (foreign)

Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Custers of the West (Western)

D (about 60)

Dallas Buyers Club (O)

Damages (Malle)

Dames (Bette Davis)

Dancer in the Dark (Von Trier)

Dances With Wolves (p)

Dangerous Method, A (Cronenberg)

Dangerous Moves (foreign, Oscar)

Dark City

Dark Knight

Dark Streets

Darkest Hour

David Copperfield (Oscar, Cukor)

Day the Earth Stood Still, The

Deadpool (p)

Deadpool 2 (p)

Dear White People

Death at a Funeral

Death of Mr. Lazaresco

Death of Stalin, The

Debt, The (Helen Mirren)

Deep End, The (Swinton, p)

Deepwater Horizon

Deer Hunter, The (Cimino, O)


Defiant Ones, The


Demon Seed (Julie Christie)


Departed, The (p) (Scorsese)

The Descendants (Clooney, Payne, p)

Desert Hearts (p, lesbian)

Destroyer (Kusama, Kidman)

Detroit (Bigelow)Disobedience (Jewish, Lesbian)

Diary of Teenage Girl


Dinner at Eight (Cukor, Harlow)

Disaster Artist, The


Divine Bell and the Butterfly


Django Unchained (Tarantino)

Doctor Zhivago (Lean)

Dog Day Afternoon (Lumet)

Dogtooth (Lanthimos, p)

Donnie Darko (p)

Double Indemnity (Wilder, Stanwyck)


Downsizing (Payne)

Dracula (Coppola, p)

Dracula (1931)

Dreamgirls (2)


Dressmaker (Winslet)

Duel at Piablo (Poitier)

Duel in the Sun (Vidor, Peck)

Dumb and Dumber (p)



Duplicity (Julia Roberts)


E (about 35)

Each Dawn I Die (p)

Early Frost (p, TV, gay)

East of Eden (Dean, p)

Easy Rider (p)

Eat My Fust (p)

Ed TV (p)

Edward Scissorhands (p. Depp)

Ed Wood

Election (p. Payne)


Elizabeth I

Elle (French)


Elmer Gantry (Lancaster, Oscar)

Enchanted April (p)

End of Tour

Endless Summer

Enemy of the State

L’Enfant (Dardenne)


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Carrey)

Eye in the Sky (Mirren)


Exterminating Angel, The (Bunuel)

Exorcist, The (Friedkin)


F (about 40)

Fabulous Face in the Crowd, A (Kazan)

Fallen Angels (Wong Kar Wi)

Fantastic Beast and Crimes of Grendwald (p)

Fast and Furious (box of 2)

Fast Five

Father of the Bride (Minnelli)

Farewell, The

Father, The (2020)

Favourite, The

Femme Fatale (De Palma)

Fiddler on the Roof (Musical, ON)

First Man (Chazelle)

First Reformed (p)

Flight Club (DVD, Pitt)

Florence Foster Jenkins (Streep)

Fly, The

Fly II, The

Follow the Fleet (Astaire-Rogers, p)

Footlight Parade (Cagney, p)

Forbidden Planet (p)

Ford vs. Ferrari

Forty Year Old Version (2020)

Founder, The

Freaks (p)

Fried Green Tomatoes (p)

Front Runner, The


Frozen River

Fruitvale Station

Fugitive, The (Ford, p)

Full Monty, The (p)

Funny Face (p)

Funny Games (Haneke)

Fury (Lang, p)

Fury (Brad Pitt)





G (about 30)

Gangs of New York

Garden of the Finzi Continis (p)

Get Out

Getting Shorty (p)

Ghost (p)

Ghost Dog (DVD, criterion)

Ghost Writer (Polanski, p)

Giant (O, p)

Girl (LGBTQ)

Girlfriends (DVD, p)

Les Girls (p)

Gold Diggers of 1933 (p)

Gold Diggers of 1935 (p)

Goldwyn Follies (p)


Good Night, and Good Luck (ON, Clooney)

Gosford Park (Altman, ON)

The Graduate (p)

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Hotel

Grand Prix (DVD, p)

Greatest Showman

Greatest Story Ever Told (p.)

Green Book (Oscar winner)

Green Pastures (p)

Grease (p.)

Guilt Trip (p)

Gunfighter, The (Criterion, DVD)

Gunga Din (p)

Guys and Dolls (p)



Harriet (bio)

He Got Game

Head On (gay)

Heart Is LOnely Hunter (p)

Hedwig (Gay) (p)

Heiress (p)

Hell and High Water (p)

Herself (2020, 2)

Hillbill Elegy (2020)

Hitch-hiker, Lupino


I (30)

Ides of March

Impossible, The

Infernal Affairs (p)

Inherent Vice

Inside Llewyn Davis



Irrational Man (Woody Allen)

It Happened One Nigh (p)

It’s Always Fair Weather







Last Black Man of San Francisco, The (indie)

Legend of 1900


Les Girls

The Little Things (DVD)

Lord of the Rings (p)


Mank (2020)

Martin Eden (Italian)

Mauritanian, The (2020)

Midnight Sky (2020)

Miss Juneteenth (2020)




News of the World (2020)

Network (p)

Nomadland (2020)


On the Rocks (2020)

Outpost, The (p, 2020)


Palm Springs, 2020

Pieces of Woman (2020)

Promising Young Woman (2020)





Raging Bull

real women have curves

reefer madness

Remains of the Day

Reservoir Dogs

Revenant, The

Ricky and the Flash

Rider, The

Ride the High Country

Risky Business

Road Warrior (Gibson)

Roger Rabbit

Rolling Stones shine a light

Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone



Sand Storm (Israeli, in Arabic)

Scarlet Street, Fritz Lang

School of Flesh (Huppert, French)

Settlers, The (docu)

Sound of Silence (deaf, Ritz Ahmed)

Strange Impersonation, Anthony Mann


They Made Me a Fugitive, Cavalcanti

To Kill a Mockingbird (Criterion DVD)

Trial of Chicago 7 (2020)


United States vs. Billie Holiday (2020)


Viva Maria


Way Back, The (DVD, 2020)






Documentaries (about 100)

Amy (p and fyc)

Billy the Kid

Bowling to Columbine (sp. edition)

Busby Berkeley (p)

Capitalism: A Love Story

Cave, The

Collective (Romanian)

Cutting Edge, The (p)

D-Day to Berlin (George Stevens)

Dear White People

Faces, Places (Varda)

Free Solo

Give Me Liberty

Good War and Those Who Refused It, The

Great Hack, The


Inside Deep Throat (p)

Into the Arms of Soldiers

Jane (nominee)

OJ: Made in America (Ezra Edelman)

Making Waves (p)

On the Bowery

Our Brand Is Crisis

Provincetown Diaries

Sea of Shadows

Settlers, The (Docu, Israeli)


Tell Me Who I Am

Tennessee Williams



Film Noir Collection (Kino)

Hitch-Hiker, Ida Lupino

They Made Me a Fugitive, Cavalcanti

Strange Impersonation, Anthony Mann

Contraband, Michael Powell

Scarlet Street, Fritz Lang



Allen, Woody

Annie Hall (p)

Irrational Man


Melinda and Melinda

Whatever Happens

Wonder Wheel


Barrymore, John: 4

Box (4)

Beloved Rogue

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Sherlock Holmes



Bogart, Humphrey



Petrified Forest, The (Davis)


Cagney, James

Angels With Dirty Faces


Cukor, George

David Copperfield

Dinner at Eight

Holiday (Grant box)

Little Women

Star Is Born, A

Star Is Born, A


Joan Crawford: 11

Box: 5

Flamingo Road

Sadie McKay

Strange Cargo

Torch Song

Woman’s Face, A

Individual Films

Damned Don’t Cry, The

Dancing Lady


Mildred Pierce


What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?



Bette Davis: 18

The Bette Davis Story (docu)

Box: 6


All This, and Heaven Too

The Old Maid

In This Our Life

The Great Lie

Watch on the Rhine

Box: 4 films (duplicates)

Individual Films: 12

All About Eve


Dark Victory


Man Who Came to Dinner

Mr. Skeffington

Old Acquaintance

Old Maid

Petrified Forest, The (Bogart)

Private Life of Elizabeth and Essex

The Star

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?


Doris Day: 18

Box (6)

By the Light of Silvery Moon

I’ll See You in My Dreams

Lucky Me

My Dream Is Yours

On Moonlight Bay

Romance on the High Seas

Doris Day–Rock Hudson (3)

Lover Come Back

Pillow Talk

Send Me No Flowers

Individual Films: 9

Calamity Jane

Glass Bottom Boat

It Happened to Jane



Love Me or Leave Me

The Man Who Knew Too Much (Hitchcock)

Pajama Game

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies


Dietrich, Marlene


Faye, Alice

Box: 4


Henry Fonda


Garbo: 7

Anna Christie

Anna Karenina


Grand Hotel

Mata Hari


Queen Christina

Garbo Silents (collection)


Garland, Judy

Rooney–Garland (box)

Individual Films

Meet Me in St. Louis

Star Is Born, A

Grant, Cary: 10

Box (5)

Big Brown Eyes

Kiss and Make Up

Thirty Day Princess

Wedding Present

Wings in the Dark

Box: 5

Awful Truth, The

His Girl Friday


Only Angels Have Wings

Talk of the Town

Hanks, Tom


Hepburn, Katharine



Individual Films


Holden, William

Kazan, Elia

East of Eden

Face in the Crowd, A



Lombard, Carole

Loy, Myrna

Box (William Powell)

Thin Man seroes


Marilyn Monroe


Haunted Castle, The


After Hours (p)

Alice Doesn’t Live (p)

Aviator, The


Departed, The (p)

Irishman, The

Shelter Island


Barbara Stanwyck: 9

Box: 6

Annie Oakley

East Side, West Side

Executive Suite


My Reputation

To Please a Lady


Individual Films

Christmas in Connecticutt

Clash By Night (M. Monroe, F. Lang)

Double Indemnity

Jimmy Stewart (box)


Washington, Denzel


John Wayne

John Wayne Collection

Allegheney Uprising

Big Jim McLain

Reunion in France

Trouble Along the Way


Without Reservations


The Alamo

The Cowboys

El Dorado

Long Voyage Home

Red River

Rio Bravo (2)

The Searchers



West, Mae (Star, Box)


Wilder, Billy (Director)

Apartment, The

Double Indemnity