Oscar 2009: Nine–Best Picture???

Though Rob Marshall's musical "Nine" is not going to be released until Thanksgiving, there's already strong buzz in town about its prospects as a frontrunner for the 2009 Oscars in major categories, Best Picture, Director, Actor, and some technical categories.  Marshall's "Chicago" won the 2002 Best Picture Oscar, but Marshall did not; the winner was Roman Polanski for "The Pianist."  What are his chances this year?

Daniel Day-Lewis, two time Oscar winner, is perfectly cast in the role that the great, late Italian Marcello Mastroianni made indelible in Fellini's masterpiece "81/2," upon which the Broadway musical "Nine" and now the movie version, are based.  Day-Lewis is a shoo-in for Best Actor Oscar.  But how will Weinstein handle its superlative and glorious female cast, composed of the best and most beautiful actresses working in world cinema today?  Read about it tomorrow.

Click on link to watch the trailer for Nine.