Crimes of the Future: Cronenberg’s Eagerly Anticipated Body Horror Movie–Preview (Cannes 2022 Competition)

Cannes 2022: Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future, World Premiering in Competition. Theatrical release, June 3.

Neon presented at CinemaCon its official trailer for upcoming release of the Viggo Morgenstern starrer, Crimes of the Future.

Director Cronenberg took the stage to present the trailer alongside his Crimes producer Robert Lantos. The filmmaker said it was his first time in Vegas and he thanked Neon for introducing him to Caesars Palace as “it seems an appropriate place to launch our attack on the world with Crimes of the Future on June 3

He wrote the script more than 20 years ago. He put it away for years until Lantos asked him if he’d read it recently. “I’m sure it’s irrelevant now,” Cronenberg recalled telling the producer with whom he had worked on previous films like Crash. “He said it’s more relevant now than ever.”

Cronenberg said the film was shot in Athens, an ancient city that added to the text.

“I really hope you like it,” he added in presenting the trailer, which featured more shocking images of body horror, with Mortensen’s character offering, “I don’t like what’s happening with my body so I keep cutting it up.”

The Crimes of the Future trailer is not yet available for the public as it will officially roll out next week ahead of its May world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Today’s footage followed earlier teaser released last week that featured images of body horror that fans of the Canadian director of The Fly, Eastern Promises and Dead Ringers have seen in past works. Crimes is said to be an evolution of Cronenberg’s work that has references to key moments and scenes from other films.