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Something to Live For (1952): George Stevens’ Alcoholism Drama

Taylor based the character of Jenny on his own mother, noted stage actress Laurette Taylor, whose struggle with alcoholism kept her from acting for years at a time.

Giant: Revisiting George Stevens Epic, Starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean in his Last Role

Even critics who consider Giant to be too sprawling a saga, more impressive in ambition than execution, agree that the scenes between James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor generate heat, and that the racial element is poignant and ahead of its times.

Greatest Story Ever Told, The (1965): George Stevens’ Disappointing Biblical Epic, Starring Max Von Sydow as Jesus

George Stevens’ unsuccessful attempt at a biblical epic, The Greatest Story Ever Told, starring Max von Sydow as Jesus, is one of Hollywod’s most expensive fiascos (budget of $162 million, if made today).

Quality Street (1937): George Stevens’ Clinker, Starring Katharine Hepburn in One of her Worst Performances

The second version of James M. Barrie play, Quality Street, first filmed as a silent with Marion Davies in 1927, is one of the weakest films of Katharine Hepburn, which even she disliked.

Annie Oakley: Directed by George Stevens, Starring Stanwyck

George Stevens directed Annie Oakley, the 1935 adventure, starring Barbara Stanwyck as Annie Oakley, the pistol-packin’ female.