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Head On: Fatih Akins’ Explosive Drama

In Fatih Akin’s appropriately titled Head-On, bursts of explosive anger are so vividly realized that it is a wonder the movie does not combust. Its characters harbor inner turmoil that can only be released through physical pain, and Akin does not spare us from this pain but assaults us with its sheer intensity.

Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, The

The second feature from the Quay Brothers, an uneasy, often intriguing foray into live-action filmmaking from a duo best known for their animated shorts, is an experimental film worth seeing for its risk-taking even if the experiment doesn’t quite work.

Aurora Borealis: Coming of Age Tale Dominated by Donald Sutherland as Ailing Grandfather

?¢¬Ä¬úAurora Borealis,?¢¬Ä the coming-of-age story of an initially unmotivated youngster who steps up to the plate to care for his ailing grandfather (splendidly played by Donald Sutherland), contains powerful moments and engaging characters that enrich its rather simple tale.

Edmond: Mamet Play On Screen with William H. Macey

Stuart Gordon?¢¬Ä¬ôs ?¢¬Ä¬úEdmond,?¢¬Ä adapted by David Mamet from his play, offers a moving portrait of the lonely journey taken by one desperate man (played by Mamet regular William H. Macey) who can grasp the world only in pieces.

Time to Leave

Like its title, Francois Ozon?¢¬Ä¬ôs ?¢¬Ä¬úTime to Leave?¢¬Ä is blunt and matter-of-fact, which is unusual given that the subject is death at young age. It's noted, among other things for being the first explicitly gay feature from Ozon, better known as France's woman director.