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But Not for Me (1959): Walter Wang’s Romantic Comedy, Starring Gable and Carroll Baker

Clark Gable stars as Russell (Russ) Ward in But Not For Me, Walter Wang’s romantic comedy, one of his last films before his untimely death in 1960.

Something Wild: Melodrama Starring Carroll Baker

Jack Garfein’s “Something Wild” is a rather pretentious melodrama about a rape victim who goes through hell after suffering a brutal assault.

Baby Doll (1956): Kazan’s Controversial Film Starring Carroll Baker in Oscar Nominated Performance

With Baby Doll, as with Streetcar Named Desire, director Elia Kazan and playwright Tennessee Williams broke new grounds in dealing with themes of desire,, sexual repression, seduction, and corruption.

Oscar Actors: Baker, Carroll (Nominee)–Background, Career, Awards

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Oscar Actors: Carroll, Diahann–Background, Career, Awards (Cum Advantage; Tony, Emmy)

n 1974 she starred in Claudine alongside James Earl Jones for which she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar.