Criminal: Interview with Star Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is the star of the sci-fi actioner Criminal, which hits theaters April 15.

Choice of Brain?

Kevin Costner:  I’d like to be in my wife’s brain sometimes.   I would like to try and understand what it is that she’s thinking and why I can’t always get it right.  But I guess if you had to pick a man of history, I would probably want to be in Lincoln’s head, trying to hold our country together at one of its most critical times.  A lot of countries go through a civil war, we know it’s going on now, we went through it and it probably took our country 100 years to recover from it.  So to understand a person who we think of as one of our greatest presidents, who probably thought he probably had the worst presidency of all, because his entire four years was spent in war.  Often we don’t know the contributions we are able to make, it’s too bad, but that’s the way it is.

Movie as Leap of Faith

It’s a popcorn movie and it’s a really good term leap of faith.  Because it is, and we have these movies where someone is going to blow up the world and we know that and we all know how special effects work now and we know everything.  I had actually passed on this movie a couple of times and I was surprised that they thought I would play the criminal.  The producers and director had seen me in Draft Day, and I didn’t know that it made them think that I could play this violent criminal. I saw that and that’s also the trap, because if people don’t want to go with that premise, it’s starting a speech on the wrong note, you never get the people back.  And those are hard movies to do.  The biggest question is should we do this, are people going to buy this?  And I didn’t know and I knew that I had to go for it completely, and that meant having an unflattering look, that meant having scars seen, holes in the head and not telling people talk me out of that.  I had to have a level of violence that you have never seen before, coupled with a sense of humor that came not from being funny, but just from when you are out of a cell, things seem very interesting to you.  Having a cup of coffee, he was having a really nice morning, and he felt very good about a language he didn’t even know he knew, and so when he said ‘motherfucker,’ he wasn’t saying motherfucker to be mean, but the guy turned it around on him and then he was no longer Ryan Reynolds, he was Jericho.  So do you buy the principle of putting another person’s memory in and it was what we were asking everybody to do and it could have failed miserably, who knows, in some people’s minds maybe we did.  But we went really graphically with that operation, and there’s only reason to actually do that and risk another human beings life and that is when you are still testing animals and that is on the brink.  We do a lot of movies with the world on the brink.  So that’s where the writers went and we have a world on the brink, there’s a piece of knowledge that could maybe stop this and do we have a candidate.  So that’s how that movie was constructed.  And I knew for it to have a chance to be accepted, that I had to play the pain all the time and I had to play the level of confusion, and I had to find the right beats about not even being able to open a child’s bottle of aspirin.  And yet have levels of ability that would almost be a CIA level.

Examination of Memory

When I think of that, I think about my parents and I don’t want them to forget me.  And we are all at that moment where we see some of our parents maybe losing it.  And so what would I do to give them the knowledge of me again?  Because you never stop being their little boy and that is it for them.  So as we play with science and science is being played with.  The rat being able to go through the maze, that is just reality and no one has been brave enough or foolish enough, to put it in a human being.  So if we can take some people who are turning our world upside down right now and put a dose of kindness in them, I would really like that.  Not like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, when Jack Nicholson comes out and now he can’t function as a human being, but to maybe go in and say look, love, sharing, power, bad, you know what mean?  Criminal is a leap of faith movie.  And everything you do to try to make that stand course is what I tried to do on screen.

Wishful Talents to Upload

I wish I could draw.  I can’t draw an orange.  I just can’t and somebody else that can draw, it looks effortless and they don’t need many lines to do it.  So when I am trying to draw something I am like this and next thing, I am doing this.  And it’s pathetic. I have a lot of things I wish, but I could also slap myself for how many things I am lucky enough to do.  And how blessed I have been in my life and my family and my kids.  But I could go deeper than drawing, but I was just watching my kids draw the other day and I can’t. My daughter said here daddy, I will show you how.  She took my hand and went like that.

Eco Friendly Citizen

 The oil business is a rough business and they don’t care for the most part and they can make beautiful commercials but it doesn’t mean they care.  Money is a problem, money has always guided people, it’s always changed people and made people think well, and they kill for it, they destroy for it.  They use money to buy power, to push people out of the way and they use money to cover up mistakes. My company right now we are taking the water that oil companies are using and filtering it at such a high speed so that it can be used on crops and won’t be wasted money. We are testing that in Bakersfield, we are testing that around the world, so I always had a big interest in that and I haven’t been highly successful at it, meaning monetarily.  There will come a moment where I will be incredibly wealthy and then I will just start wrecking shit myself.  I will take my money and just go destroy something.  I can’t believe I said that.  I was making a joke there.

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