Seven (1995)

Dark, grim, claustrophobic, and scary, the serial killer “Seven” is David Fincher's second film, a follow-up to his disappointing debut “Alien3.” Combining the genres of the serial killer and the buddy policier, the movie depicts the desperate efforts of two cops, well played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pit, to stop an ingenious serial killer, whose “art work” is inspired by the seven deadly sins. Though star-driven and conforming to generic format, ¬ìSeven¬î is unusually bleak, relentlessly depressing, and intensely dramatic for a studio feature; the movie was made by the mini-major New Line.

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is an extremely well-directed and well-acted film in which the first reel is formulaic a la Rocky, the second reel a good boxing melodrama a la Girl Fight, and the third reel an intimate drama that matches in intensity Ingmar Bergman's best work.