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Director Steven Spielberg brings the dark future of Philip K. Dick’s prescient short story to life in the action-packed sci-fi film MINORITY REPORT, debuting on Blu-ray April 20, 2010 from Paramount Home Entertainment.  Starring Tom Cruise as John Anderton, a Washington D.C. detective in the year 2054, MINORITY REPORT deals with themes of mind control and concealed identity against a backdrop of a stunningly realized future complete with technological gadgets and advancements devised by a team of futurists assembled by the director.  Anderton works for Precrime, a special unit of the police department that arrests murderers before they’ve committed the act by relying on the visions of three psychic “precogs.”  But when Anderton is accused, he becomes a fugitive and begins to suspect a cover-up that could have far-reaching implications for the Precrime department.
The MINORITY REPORT Blu-ray features over an hour of all-new bonus material including an extensive look at the future according to Steven Spielberg, an exploration of the world of Precrime, previz sequences, featurettes on Philip K. Dick, the film’s futuristic props and the making of key scenes, commercials of the future and more. The disc also includes previously released special features on the breathtaking stunts, the work of ILM, the film’s journey from story to screen and much, much more.


The MINORITY REPORT Blu-ray is presented in 1080p high definition with English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, French 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital with English, English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles.  The following new bonus features are all presented in high definition:

  • The Future According to Steven Spielberg (HD)
  • Inside the World of Precrime (HD)
  • Philip K. Dick, Steven Spielberg and Minority Report (HD)
  • Minority Report: Future Realized (HD)
  • Minority Report: Props of the Future (HD)
  • Highlights from Minority Report: From the Set
    • The Hoverpack Sequence (HD)
    • The Car Factory Sequence (HD)
  • Minority Report: Commercials of the Future (HD)
  • Previz Sequences
    • The Hoverpack Sequence Previz (HD)
    • Maglev Chase Previz (HD)

Previously released bonus material is presented in standard definition, except as noted:
  • From Story to Screen
  • Deconstructing Minority Report
  • The Stunts of Minority Report
  • ILM and Minority Report
  • Final Report
  • Production Concepts
  • Storyboard Sequences
  • Trailers (HD)





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