Damon: How to be Actor and Star

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Part of a lengthy interview with Matt Damon during the press event for Paul Greengrass’ new Iraq war film, “Green Zone,” released by Universal March 12.

Levy: How do you manage to stay out of the media? We don’t see many pictures of your wife and children and I have admiration for that. You are an accomplished actor and movie star and yet you are not on the cover of magazines, unlike your best friend Ben Affleck.
Damon: Let’s keep it that way. One reason there’s no gossip about me is that I married a civilian, a “normal” person, an Argentinean. Those magazines sell intrigue, sex, scandal, and my narrative is like, ‘He’s married, and he’s happy and he’s got three kids. There’s not really anything, or anywhere, to go with a story like mine. The paparazzi go where the money is, and a picture of Lucy and me, I just don’t think it’s worthy for the, like a celeb stumbling out of a nightclub. Brad and Angelina are probably the most sought-after, picture-wise.
Levy: Do you sign autographs? How do you behave in public?
Damon: I go to all the premieres of my movies, I do the red carpet, absolutely, and I sometimes sign autographs, when the autograph hunters are there. I was just doing a movie with Clint Eastwood in London, and, you know, when I’m working, a lot of times, photographers will show up and just take a couple of shots of the sets, but that’s because a movie is shooting in the neighborhood, or that kind of thing.
But, frankly, there’s no story about me to update. It’s just, every six months, somebody shows up and squeezes a picture of me, and then he goes, ‘Matt is still married, he’s still happy, leave him alone.’ There’s really no hot story about me. They like stars who do something really dumb, or do something really crazy, publicly.
Levy: Like what.
Damon: Do something really dumb, like jump up on the bar and start dancing (laughs), something a little loopy, but basically there’s not really a good story about me in the gossip magazines.










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