August Sun Film & TV Fest 2008: Promoting World Peace

August Sun Film & TV Fest 2008: Promoting World Peace through Film & TV will take place at the Crest theatre in Westwood, Los Angeles, August 24-30, 2008.

Festival Highlights:


On the morning of June 7th, 1981, eight Israeli pilots set out on a suicide mission targeting at the Iraqi nuclear reactor: 'Tammuz'. A dramatic, spellbinding, political social and historical film which almost mirrors what is happening today with Iran. Tammuz reveals the political and human machinations that preceded the decision to attack the reactor; the moral dilemmas and the considerations for and against.

Color Of Truth:

Based on a true story during World War II, a Jewish widow begs her former lover, now a soldier in Hitler's army, to save her family from a Nazi concentration camp. His fear of the SS forces her to reveal a momentous secret which sets them each on a journey which changes their lives irrevocably. She volunteers to work as a nurse in the Birkenau hospital blocks, trying to search for her family without being discovered, only to be faced with a frightening moment of truth during a desperate escape attempt.


A wacky clay animated comedy adventure in which a cowboy president searches the caves in Afghanistan for the worlds most wanted fugitive. A surprise awaits him when he picks the wrong cave ending in near disaster. Live coverage, by an annoying reporter of the event, is being watched by an unlikely viewer who in turn is terrorized in his apartment by a pizza and beer stealing mouse. The two main characters face their own frustrations and setbacks as new obstacles arise. Full of symbolism, political humor and comic events, make this animated short a must see.

Donut Heaven

Phoebe, a chain-smoking daughter who is thoroughly fed up with her obese mother's penchant for Jesus and overeating, comes up with an ingenious way to help her mother and herself. Her idea is a simple bet; for every ten pounds that mom drops, Phoebe will give up one day of the week smoking. Even though the rules of the bet are cut and dry, the changes Phoebe and her mother Dolores go through are quite unexpected and reveal the deep, universal bond that parents and children have – whether they like it or not. Using prosthetics to create a significant weight loss with Dolores, 'Donut Heaven' is a familiar and funny story that people will connect to, especially mothers and daughters.

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