Suspiria: Interview with Star Dakota Johnson about Guadagnino Horror Remake

I think for a long time, it’s been that women have to be stable and subdued and polite and sweet and charming and sexy, but not too sexy, and it’s like, why can’t I be everything and why can’t everybody be everything, as long as you are not hurting anybody else–Dakota Johnson

Julia Roberts: Best Years of Her Career and Life–Indie Feature Ben Is Back, Amazon Series Homecoming

I probably am more informed about drugs than I was before. It’s all pretty shocking, but there has to be hope, particularly when you’re reading about families that have lost members, and then have the resolve in their hope that it was not for nothing.

Gotham Awards 2018: Nominations in All Categories

First Reformed, a drama about a priest who questions his faith played by Ethan Hawke, scored the most nominations for the 2018 Gotham Awards, the annual event in New York honoring independent film. Written and directed by vet Paul Schrader, the film won in three categories: best feature, best actor (for Hawke) and best screenplay. […]

Beautiful Boy: Beautiful Commercial Appeal

Beautiful Boy, starring Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell, opened strongly with $221,437 at four locations for Amazon Studios–an impressive $55,359 per-theater.

Front Runner, The: Interview with Star Hugh Jackman, Oscar Hopeful for Playing Politician Gary Hart

I made the decision to go and see Gary Hart and he was gracious enough to allow me to stay with him in his home–Hugh Jackman