IFP Gotham Awards 2017: Nominations Highlight Prominence of Indie Film

“Get Out” scored a nomination for best feature, breakthrough director, best screenplay and best actor (Daniel Kaluuya).

Thor: Ragnark–Interview with Star Chris Hemsworth

Thor: Ragnark, starring Chris Hemsworth, hits theaters on November 3.   Humor in Film Chris Hemsworth: I have always loved Taika’s work and had seen all of his film and been a fan before we had worked together.  And I got really bored with what I was doing with the character in the last couple […]

Human Flow: Interview with Chinese Artist-Activist Ai Weiwei

It doesn’t seem real. It’s more exaggerated than a Hollywood movie. That’s one thing that surprised me. This was such a large flow.

Happy Death Day: Top Box-Office Winner

Happy Death Day is another win for low-budget horror genre.

Wonder Wheel: Interview with Woody Allen

I started writing for females, because of my relationship with Diane Keaton.  I started seeing perspectives through her eyes, through a woman’s eyes–Woody Allen