Cannes Film Fest 2017: Star and Jury Member Will Smith Defends Netflix

In my house, Netflix has been nothing but an absolute benefit. My children get to see films they absolutely wouldn’t have seen.

Baywatch: Interview with Star Zac Efron

As a person there’s nobody more honest than Dwayne Johnson. He’ll tell it to you straight. He’s cool. He loves learning new things. He’s a very fun guy to be around. He’s capable of doing anything and everything–Zac Efron

Cannes Film Fest 1956: Year 9–Docu, Silent World, Wins Top Award

The Palme d’Or went to a documentary, The Silent World, by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle.

Baywatch: Interview with Star and Producer Dwayne Johnson

The number one goal is to make sure that we are always serving the audience first–Dwayne Johnson

Cannes Film Fest 2017: Okja Korean Director Defends Netflix

For me, as a filmmaker, how much creative freedom I am given is much more important than how the film is distributed–Bong about Netflix