Crazy Rich Asians: Interview with Star Henry Golding

I think the source material is fantastic, over the top story of riches in Singapore. It’s fictional, but the message of the entire book and movie is the challenge of being able to love the person you want to be with–Henry Goldin

Oscar: Best Picture Winners from Fox (and Fox Searchlight)

For the records, in 90 years of Oscar history, Fox has won 13 Best Pictures (about 14 percent).

Christopher Robin: Interview with Director Marc Forster, Still Fascinated with Winnie-the-Pooh

I must say that I enjoyed working with stuffed animals because if you say to Pooh I want you to go from here to there, he does it, he doesn’t argue–Forster

Age and Achievement: Best Directors–At What Age Filmmakers Get Peer Recognition

In 2006, When Scorsese finally received the Best Director Oscar, at his sixth nomination, he became one of the oldest filmmakers to win the coveted award.

Eighth Grade: Interview with Director Bo Burnham

The more I described my feelings to myself, the more I sounded like a 13-year-old. I felt scared and unsure of myself and uncomfortable and like everything was changing, and I was grasping for meaning and not having it