Kidman, Nicole: Life (Improves?) at 50, Part One

As soon as I threw those things off–trying to conform into a formula–and allowed myself to follow filmmakers and storytellers, it was very freeing artistically–Nicole Kidman

Mummy: Tom Cruise–Diminshed Star in US, Bankable Overseas

Starring Tom Cruise still means something–but not in the U.S.

Black Panther: Chadwick Boseman’s Ticket to Major Stardom?

Marvel Studios released the first poster of The Black Panther today, head of the teaser trailer’s debut tonight.

Keaton, Diane: 2017 AFI Life Achievement Award Honoree

Diane Keaton is a woman who is great at everything–Woody Allen

Mummy: Tom Cruise’s Reboot, Artistic Failure and Commercial Flop?

Tom Cruise cannot even do what a lesser star, Brendan Fraser, did two decades ago: carry this expensive but cheesy film on his shoulders.