Rider, The: Chloe Zhao (Songs My Brothers Taught Me) on her Singular Cowby Movie

Chloé Zhao decided to make a film about cowboy Brady’s struggles, both physically and emotionally, as he comes to terms with his severe brain injury.

A Quiet Place: Interview with Star Emily Blunt (also Wife of Director John Krasinski)

I remember we just had our second daughter and we were sitting on the couch, and he pitched me the idea, and I went like, you need to direct that movie. I can see it in you John, you have struck gold here, there is something here and you have connected to it–Emily Blunt

Hollywood 2018: Oscar Winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Adopt Inclusion Rider

Producing partners and Oscar winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (Good Will Hunting) have announced that they will adopt the inclusion rider agreement in all their future production deals through their Pearl Street company.

SWSX 2018: Aronofsky Keynote Address–Art is About Disruption

Never stick a gun in a movie star’s hands. Never stick a gun in anyone’s hands if you can help it–Aronofsky

Oscar 2018: Best Director del Toro (Shape of Water) om Getting Advice from Innarritu

Alejandro said, be there. Speak from the heart. Be present, and nd then after, we mused about the 10 years that the circle took to be closed. Because we were there with ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,’ ‘Children of Men,’ and ‘Babel’ 11 years ago.”