Mildred Pierce: Criterion Collection of Joan Crawford Ultimate, Oscar Winning Performance

Melodrama casts noirish shadows in the 1945 Oscar winning Mildred Pierce, a searing portrait of maternal sacrifice from Hollywood master Michael Curtiz, Best Actor winner for the 1943 Casablanca.

WOMAN OF THE YEAR: Tracy-Hepburn First Comedy, Criterion Collection

George Stevens’ Woman of the Year, was conceived to build on the¬†comeback Hepburn had made in The Philadelphia Story.

RUMBLE FISH: Coppola Art Film–Criterion Collection

In this personal tale of estrangement and reconciliation between two rebellious brothers, set in dreamlike and timeless Tulsa, Coppola gives mythic dimensions to intimate, painful emotions.

TEMPOPO: Juzo Itami’s Cult Movie–Criterion Collection

The tale of an eccentric band of culinary ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe, Tempopo is a rapturous “ramen western” by Japanese director Juzo Itami.

WOMAN OF THE YEAR: Criterion Collection

WOMAN OF THE YEAR Before Katharine Hepburn ever met Spencer Tracy, she wanted him as her costar in this film. George Stevens’s Woman of the Year, conceived to build on the smashing comeback Hepburn had made in The Philadelphia Story, is the story of rival newspaper reporters who wed only to find that their careers […]