Dunkirk: Christopher Nolan’s Immersive WWII Epic

What happened at Dunkirk is one of the greatest stories in human history, the ultimate life-or-death race against time. It was an extraordinarily suspenseful situation–Nolan

Linkin Pak Singer Chester Bennington, Dead at 41

Linkin Pak singer Chester Bennington was found dead on Thursday morning, police confirmed. He was 41.

Locarno Film Fest 2017: Strong Program for 70th Edition

The 2017 Locarno Film Fest has unveiled a diverse line of titles for its 70th edition, with strong French presence that includes Isabelle Huppert and Fanny Ardant.

Okja: Original Children Fable, With Black Humor, Message and Edge

Boldly original, Okja, the new film from the talented South Korean writer-director Bong’s film, is not just an ambitious, politically conscious film with a social message, but a charming, well-crafted fable about the incomparable love of a young girl for her special pig.

War for the Planet of the Apes: Third Chapter, Critically Acclaimed

War for the Planet of the Apes is expected to generate $55 million to $65 million in its opening weekend, according to industry tracking.