Tracy, Spencer: Screen Image

As an actor, Spencer Tracy stood for–in fact, epitomized–the rugged, down to earth, matter of fact, fair-minded, hard-working American.

Bond, James: Clifton James, Sheriff Pepper in Bond Films, Dies at 96

Clifton James, the actor who appeared as Sheriff J.W. Pepper in two James Bond films, died Saturday at age 96.

Tracy, Spencer: Screen Image

Tracy became a major movie star in the late 1930s, after winning two consecutive Oscars. But in the 1950s and 1960s, he became a super-star with a iconic image, a quality that last up until his very last film, the 1967 Oscar winning interracial comedy, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? which was released posthumously. In […]

Murphy, Charlie: Star of Chappelle Show and Eddie’s Older Brother, Dies at 57

Charlie Murphy, the Chappelle’s Show star and Eddie Murphy’s older brother, has died. He was 57. 

Stewart, Jimmy: Career End

Stewart was honored with the AFI’s Life Achievement in 1980, the Kennedy Center in 1983, and the Film Society of Lincoln Center in 1990