Zonca, Eric: French Director of The Dreamlife of Angels

Though already in his 60s, Zonca is still best-known for his critically acclaimed, award-winning 1998 feature debut The Dreamlife of Angels.

Oscar Directors: Fleming, Victor, Credited (but not sole) Director of Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz

Fleming’s two most famous films came in 1939, when The Wizard of Oz was followed by Gone with the Wind. Fleming was not the original director on either project.

Oscar Directors: Capra, Frank–Filmmaker of the American Dream

Born in 1897, in Palermo, Sicily, Frank Capra was six when his family moved to California, where his father made a meager living as an orange picker. One of seven children, Capra sold newspapers and played a banjo in Los Angeles honky‑tonks, among other jobs, to help the family meet ends and pay for his […]

Oscar Directors: Van Dyke–Multiple Nominee

In 1915, Van Dyke worked assistant director to D. W. Griffith on the film The Birth of a Nation. The following year, he was Griffith’s assistant director on Intolerance. He worked as assistant director to James Young on Unprotected (1916), The Lash (1916), and Oliver Twist, in which he also played the role of Charles […]

Oscar Directors: Borzage, Frank–Multiple Oscar Winner

In 1929, Frank Borzage won the first Directing Oscar for Seventh Heaven, in a contest that included Herbert Brenon for Sorrell and Son and King Vidor for The Crowd.