Crown, The: Olivia Colman Will Play Queen Elizabeth in Seasons 3 and 4

Olivia Colman has been cast to play Queen Elizabeth in seasons three and four of Netflix’s hit drama, “The Crown.” 

Marshall: October 2 Marks 50th Anniversary of Apointing First Black Supreme Court Justice

Various communities in the U.S. are proclaiming October 2, 2017, “Thurgood Marshall Day” in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the day Marshall was sworn in as the nation’s first African-American Supreme Court justice on October 2, 1967.

Politics 2017: Senator Ted Cruz Liking orn Video on Twitter

Senator Ted Cruz liking a porn video on Twitter led to mockery and derision by many.

Picture of Dorian Gray: Title Character is Female

In this version, the title character will be a woman.

Movie Ideas: A-Z

Boxing in Hollywood Films: Boxing is often portrayed as the traditional route for advancement and mobility among minority groups–past and present. Boxing calls for macho strength, endurance, and military discipline The same pattern may be found in foreign films, such as Visconti’s 1960 Italian masterpiece, “Rocco and His Brothers,” in which two of the siblings, […]