Dunkirk: Strong Opening for Nolan’s Acclaimed War Film

Dunkirk, directed by Chris Nolan, has opened strongly with $5.5 million in Thursday night preview screenings.

Mother: Jennifer Lawrence Star Vehicle, in Setember

Paramount  has moved its Jennifer Lawrence thriller “Mother!” to Sept. 15 from its previous Oct. 13 release date.

Dunkirk: Nolan’s WWII Drama Dominates Sovial Media

Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama Dunkirk dominated social media buzz with 140,000 new conversations last week, according to ComScore and its PreAct service.

Wind River: Jeremy Renner’s Motivation to Make this Topical, Personal Film

Renner found “Wind River,” in its depiction of Native American communities, “topical.”  

Spider-Man Homecoming: Interview with Star Tom Holland

I was not worried, reading the script and working on “Civil War” it was obvious we were taking the character down a different route, and it was different than anything we had seen before–Tom Holland