Baby Driver: Wright’s New Genre–Heist Actioner Set to Music

It’s an action thriller executed in a way that’s never been done before: there are car chases, intense action sequences, shootouts, all to the beat of 30 songs that writer-director Edgar Wright put together before finalizing the script.

Baby Driver: Ansel Elgort Stars in Edgar Wright’s Heist Thriller

Ansel Elgort plays a mysterious, music-loving crook in Baby Driver, the highly acclaimed heist thriller, which opens June 28. Writer-director Edgar Wright has staged some greatest chase sequences, while putting together a soundtrack that boast Beck, Barry White, and T. Rex. Baby Driver as Character? Ansel Elgort: I look at Baby as being innocent, he is […]

Blade Runner 2049: Denis Villeneuve on the Sequel to Scott’s Classic

No matter what you do, no matter how good what you’re doing is, the film will always be compared to the first, which is a masterpiece. So I made peace with that. And when you make piece with that, you are free–Villeneuve

Big Sick: Interview with Actress Zoe Kazan

I was on the airplane on Wi-Fi checking Twitter to see the reaction to the movie, and by the time I landed, reviews were coming in and that was actually a really cool way to experience that for me, than for the next morning to go with all of my cousins and my aunts and like go and march and think that oh we put something good into the world especially since our movie premiered on Inauguration Day.

Avildsen, John: Rocky Director–Remembered by Stallaone and Macchio

I owe just about everything to John Avildsen. His directing, his passion, his toughness and his heart — a great heart — is what made Rocky the film it became. He changed my life and I will be forever indebted to him–Stallone