Zookeeer Wife: Interview with Director Niki Caro

Director Niki Caro explains, “At the script stage, I was always thinking about the tension of being caged – whether as an animal or human – and the visual storytelling was colored by that. It meant we shot through iron bars a lot, which is more difficult than I ever imagined… “What we always came […]

Raw: French Director Julia Ducournau on her Horror Cannibal Movie

In filming bodies and talking about bodies I wanted to form equality in my audience

Beauty and the Beast: Mega-Hit Globally

Beauty and the Beast dominates the country’s multiplexes with an estimated opening of upwards of $165 million.

Quiet Passion: Terence Davies on American Poet Emily Dickinson, Starring Cynthia Nixon

After Sunset Song, Terence Davies turned to 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson, starring Cynthia Nixon as the celebrated poet.

Rodney King: Spike Lee Film Acquired by Netflix

Netlix has bought the rights to Rodney King, directed by Spike Lee and performed as a one-man show by Roger Guenveur Smith, who is also exec-producer.