Oscar Artists: Selznick, David O.–Producer of Eight Oscar Nominated Films

Eight of David O. Selznick’s productions were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, and two have actually won: Gone With the Wind in 1939 and Rebecca in 1940.

Oscar Speeches: Soderbergh–Traffic

Steven Soderbergh, winner of the 2000 Best Director for Traffic, said: “I want to thank anyone who spends part of their day creating.” Share this:

Oscar Actors: Fontaine, Joan–One Win (Rebecca), Three Oscar Nominations,

Joan Fontaine is the only actress to win a lead Oscar for a Hitchcock film, Suspicion, in 1941.

Oscar Actors: Shearer, Norma–The Divorceer-Winning Performance

As scripted by Nick Grinde, Zelda Sears, and John Meehan, "The Divorcee" was audacious and steamy for its times. It's doubtful that a movie with such outré sexual politics could have been made after 1934, when Hollywood reinstated the Production Code, a censorship system that prevailed for over 30 years.









Oscar Actors: Pickford, Mary–Coquette

Vet silent actress Mary Pickford won her first and only Best Actress Oscar for the melodrama Coquette, in which she plays a southern belle whose affair with a man beneath her class leads to a disaster.