Oscar Actors: Locke, Sondra (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) Dies at 74

Actress and director Sondra Locke, who received a supporting actress Oscar nomination in her first movie role for The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, died November 3 at 74.

Vice: Christian Bale’s Oscar Card?

Christian Bale has been nominated several times for the Oscars, and has won once, Best Supporting Actor for David O. Russell’s The Fighter. And now there’s talk of another Oscar nod, for playing former Vice President Dick Cheney, in Adam McKay’s dramedy, Vice.  The actors and filmmakers knew that it’s inevitable that viewers will make […]

Oscar Speeches: Soderbergh, Best Director, Traffic (2000)

Certainly, none of us anticipated what would happen to Traffic, because it was a difficult movie to set up, and one that we were told rime and time again, that it had no commercial appeal–Soderbergh, Best Director

Oscar Movies: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003): 10 Oscar Nominations

Co-written, produced and directed by Aussie Peter Weir, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is an historical epic set during the Napoleon era.

Oscar 2019: Kevin Hart’s Debacle

Variety Reports: Kevin Hart’s failure to quickly and effectively respond to controversy over his homophobic tweets shows that celebrities have little margin for error when faced with a burgeoning scandal.