Oscar 2917: Fay Dunaway Recounts EnvelopeGate Scandal

Faye Dunaway spoke about her role in #EnvelopeGate, two months after the now-infamous 89th Academy Awards best picture gaffe. The Oscar-winning “Network” actress sat down with anchor Lester Holt on “NBC Nightly News” Monday, recounting the circumstances of the mistake. Dunaway and co-presenter Warren Beatty were responsible for announcing the night’s final award when she accidentally called out “La La Land” instead […]

Oscar Scandals: Davis, Bette–Of Human Bondage

The air was thick with rumors. It seemed inevitable that I would receive the coveted award. The press, the public and the members of the Academy who did the voting were sure I would win! Surer than I! Bette Davis about her Write-In nomination for Of Human Bondage.

Oscar: Black Performers, Winners and Nominees, in the 4 Acting Categories

In the Academy’s history, only nine performances have won the Oscar, three in the lead and five in the supporting category. Denzel Washington is the only black actor to have won two Oscars.

Oscar: Best Directors–Winning Age

If Scorsese finally wins the Best Director Oscar, at his sixth nomination (for “The Departed”), he will be one of the oldest filmmakers, along with George Cukor, Carol Reed, Clint Eastwood, and Polanski. Most directors win their first Oscar when they are in their 40s.

Oscar: Supporting Actors–Winning Age

My study shows that most winners of the Supporting Actor Oscar have been middle-aged or older. Over the past 78 years, only three winners were in their 20s, but no less than 7 in their 70s. Guess who's the youngest and oldest Supporting Actor