Passengers: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence End Interview Prematurely

In an interview with Australian radio show KIIS Summer Fling, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence ended the conversation prematurely after one of the hosts asked them, “What’s the most adventurous place you’ve had sex?”

Jerry Lewis at 90: Difficult Interviewee as Ever

90-year-old Jerry Lewis is vital and completely engaged. He’s just engaged in being difficult–Hollywood Reporter

Elle: Isabelle Huppert on her Post-Feminist Role

The rape scenes might be more difficult to watch for the spectator than to do for the actor–Isabelle Huppert

Fences: Viola Davis–Frontrunner, Supporting Actress Oscar–Part 2

Viola Davis has chosen to be placed in the Supporting Actress category, even though she won the Tony Award for female lead in the 2010 revival of the play.

Fences: Denzel Washington–Producer, Director, Star–Part 2

Where did the motivation come from? It came from the material. And it came from August. I was just trying to serve August the best I could. I felt a responsibility to not screw it up.