Deadool 2: Interview with Star Ryan Reynolds

Creative Pressures on Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds: We weren’t overly concerned with the pressure or those things of kinds, what the audience might expect, we wanted to take it and migrate the basic tenets of “Deadpool,” everything that people loved about that movie, and make sure it was infused thoroughly through “Deadpool 2,” but also […]

Hollywood 2018: Oscar Winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Adopt Inclusion Rider

Producing partners and Oscar winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (Good Will Hunting) have announced that they will adopt the inclusion rider agreement in all their future production deals through their Pearl Street company.

Killing Eve: Starring Sandra Oh in a Role that in the Book was of White Woman

Eve is much more serious in the novella and the character was white. I am not white, I’m Asian–Sandra Oh

Oscar Actors: Chalamet, Timothee–Personal Speech at L.A. Film Critics Awards

My favorite part of this last year–besides getting to act in other films and getting to talk about Call Me by Your Name–is not to have to audition constantly–Timothee Chalamet

Women in Film: Vanessa Taylor (Co-Writer Shape of Water) on Sexism in Hollywood

Normally, when I’m approached with a project on which they’re “looking for a female writer,” I pass. Oftentimes when they say they want a woman to write a particular story, what they really mean is that it’s a story about a woman or girl that they believe only women or girls will ever care about–Vanessa Taylor