Gatehouse, The: Martin Gooch’s Gothic Horror Thriller

An ancient curse is depicted in the horror thriller, The Gatehouse, available on VOD 12/5 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Ferdinand: Interview with Nick Jonas

Inspiration for Song? Nick Jonas: I talked to my team about wanting to write an original song for a film for a long time.  My process when I write is usually that life inspires something or that I sit down in a room and write by myself and create a song.  But for this situation, […]

Last Flag Flying: Making of Linklater Male-Driven Saga

REHEARSING Before filming on Last Flag Flying began, Linklater spent a couple of weeks rehearsing in Los Angeles with Carell, Fishburne, Cranston, J. Quinton Johnson, who plays young Lance Corporal Charlie Washington, and Yul Vasquez who plays Colonel Willits. Raised in a tiny town outside of Dallas, Johnson currently stars as James Madison in the […]

Last Flag Flying: How Linklater Cast the Three Leads?

Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying world premiered at the 2017 New York Film Fest, and will be released by Amazon in November. The film tells the story of three Vietnam War vets, who reunite after 30 years, embarking on a bittersweet road trip to bury a young Marine killed in the Iraq War. Linklater’s gift […]

Jim Thorpe–All-American: Curtiz Biopic of Native American Athlete, Played by White Star Burt Lancaster

Jim Thorpe–All-American, a black and white biopic, directed by the versatile craftsman Michael Curtiz (best known for “Casablanca” and “Mildred Pierce”), honoring Jim Thorpe.