Insufferable Groo, The: Low-Budget Guerrilla Filmmaking–Steven Groo

The Insufferable Groo, directed by Scott Christopherson and produced Jared Harris, follows self-proclaimed director Steven Groo as he prepares to make his 200th film in 20 years.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Year’s Top Grossing Docu

Morgan Neville’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor? about Fred Rogers, the minister and famed children’s TV host, made more than $22 million domestically in 14 weeks. That’s the highest amount a documentary has made theatrically since 2013. Last year’s largest-grossing doc was Disneynature wildlife film, “Born in China,” which earned $13.8 million. Share this:

Oscar 2019: Nadine Labaki’s Capernaum from Lebanon

The 2018 Cannes Film Fest jury prize-winner, Capernaum, from Lebanon’s director-actress Nadine Labaki, is one of the strongest entries in the Best Foreign Language Film. Labaki’s third feature tells the story of an impoverished Beirut boy who launches a lawsuit against his parents for bringing him into the world. It’s a social-issues drama with non-pro […]

Seven Seas to Calais (1962): Historical Adventure, Directed by Rudolph Mate and Italian Primo Zeglio, Starring Rod Taylor

Seven Seas to Calais (Italian: Il dominatore dei sette mari), set in the sixteenth century, is the final film of Rudolph Mate, who co-directs here with Italian Primo Zeglio. This adventure-biopic of the life and times of Sir Francis Drake was lushly shot by Eastmancolor in CinemaScope, with lavish costumes and elaborate battles that are […]

Bride Wore Red, The (1937): Typical Crawford Movie

The Bride Wore Red, directed by Dorothy Arzner, is based on the unproduced play The Bride from Trieste by Ferenc Molnar. In this rags to riches Cinderella tale, a typical Depression era fare and Joan Crawford vehicle, the star plays a cabaret singer who poses as an aristocrat. The Bride Wore Red was the last […]