Let Us Be Gay (1930): Pre-Code Romantic Dramedy, Starring Norma Shearer

Robert Z. Leonard directed Let Us Be Gay, a pre-Code romantic drama, starring Norma Shearer at the prime of her popularity; in the same year, she won the Best Actress Oscar for The Divorcee.

Vice: Casting Dick and Lynne Cheney–Oscar Winner Christian Bale and Oscar Nominee Amy Adams

Adam McKay’s choice to play the quicksilver, Machiavellian Dick Cheney was always clear. He wanted Oscar winner Christian Bale. “I wrote this script with Christian in mind,” admits McKay. I don’t know who else could have done the role and if he decided not to do it, I probably wouldn’t have made the movie.” “No […]

Vice: Adam McKay’s Anatomy of Power–Cheney Style

The new film of Oscar winning writer-director Adam McKay (The Big Short) is the audacious satire, Vice, a behind the-scenes look at Vice President Dick Cheney’s rise from Congressional intern to the most powerful man in the country. Inhabiting the role of the secretive title character, who changed the world in ways few leaders have […]

Film Theory: Ideology and Myth

Every film, even the most commercial and lightly entertaining studio fare (Disney pictures), is also political and ideological.

Mule, The: Directed by and Starring Eastwood

Warner Bros. The Mule occupied the 2nd position with $17 million. Clint Eastwood directed and stars in the R-rated crime drama about a nonagenarian who gets caught smuggling drugs for the cartel. As director, Eastwood may be the oldest practitioner in Hollywood’s history. “The Mule,” Eastwood’s first acting gig since 2012’s “Trouble With the Curve,” […]