Above Suspicion (1943): WWII Spy Thriller, Starring Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray

Joan Crawford’s 1943 star vehicle, Above Suspicion, a senseless WWII spy thriller, was such a critical and commercial failure that MGM’s Louis B. Mayer decided to terminate his star’s contract after 18 years of loyal service.

Kathleen (1941): Serio-Comedy, Starring Shirley Temple and Herbert Marshall as Daughter-Father

Harold S. Bucquet directed this tedious father-daughter serio-comedy, starring Shirley in her first comeback role since “retiring” from the screen a year earlier.

Four Wives (1939): Curtiz Sequel to Four Daughters, Starring the Lane Sisters

Four Wives is a 1939 American drama film starring the Lane Sisters (Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane, Lola Lane) and Gale Page. The versatile Michael Curtiz directed Four Wives, based on Fannie Hurst‘s story “Sister Act.” Released by Warner December 25, 1939, the film is a sequel to Four Daughters (1938) and the second chapter in […]

Dude Goes West, The (1948): Comedy Western, Starring Eddie Albert and Gale Storm

Kurt Neumann directed The Dude Goes West (aka “Tombstone”), made by King Brothers Productions and released by Monogram Pictures.

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am–Docu of Famous Novelist

Morrison essentially narrates her own life in a confident, but not overly personal (or emotional) way, assisted along the way by family photos, newspaper clippings and reviews, books and their jacket covers.