Film: Great Features–Lists (Pauline Kael)

Pauline Kael, the late influential critic of the New Yorker, had showered unqualified praise for a relatively few movies

Film: Great Film–Attempts at Definition

We all love different movies for different, often very personal reasons.  But is there a more dispassionate, not to mention objective way, of how to define what’s a great film. Phrased differently, what requirements or elements a particular film should meet in order to qualify as a masterpiece.






Books: Family

Books on Family in Art, Literature, Drama, and Film.

Island of Lost Women (1959): Frank Tuttle’s Castaways Tale, Photographed by John Seitz

Frank Tuttle directed Island of Los Women, a B-level castaways drama, whose plot borrows from Shakespeare’s The Tempest as well as sic-fi pictures like Forbidden Planet.

Broadway Gondolier (1935): Lloyd Bacon’s Musical, Starring Dick Powell and Joan Blondell

Broadway Gondolier, a modest musical comedy directed by Lloyd Bacon, served as star vehicle for Dick Powell and Joan Blondell.