Movie Cycles: Interracial Features–1950s

In the 1950s, a cycle of film about ethnic minorities and interracial tensions in post-WWII American society: Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) Between Heaven and Hell (1956) Share this:

Promise: Armenian Genocide Melodrama is Huge Flop, Despite Christian Bale and Oscar Isaacs

The latest effort to deal with this significant issue, The Promise, is a huge flop, both artistically and commercially

Movie Culture: Criterion Channel, Filmstruck, Criterion Collection

The Criterion Channel offers the largest streaming collection of Criterion films available, including classic and contemporary films from around the world, interviews and conversations with filmmakers and never-before-seen programming.

Snatched: Goldie Hawn-Amy Schumer Mother-Daughter Comedy

Snatched, the mother-daughter comedy starring Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer, hits theaters on Mother’s Day. Comedian Amy Schumer plays Emily Middleton, an impetuous dreamer, who has ambition, but has just never been able to get it together. She thinks she is in love with her successful musician boyfriend, Michael (Randall Park). But right before their […]


      CASTING AN ICON   Rewind to the mid 80’s when a young Amy Schumer watched her parents’ VHS tapes of “Private Benjamin,” “Overboard,” “Wildcats” and every episode of “Laugh-In” she could get her hands on.  “Goldie Hawn has been my hero. I’ve loved her my whole life,” says Schumer.   For SNATCHED, […]