13 Reasons Why: Netflix’s Teen Series is Most Tweeted Show

Politics 2017: Bill O’Reilly Ousted from Fox Nexs

As expected, Bill O’Reilly has been ousted from Fox News Channel amid the firestorm over sexual harassment allegations leveled against the host in recent years.

Feud: Ending of Series–Why this Particular One?

I think that’s typical of what happens to a women’s career at that point. You’re still in there scrapping and fighting and thinking ‘This next role is going to bring it all back. This next role is going to make a difference.’ The real sadness is that it’s an illusion”–Jessica Lange

Cannes, Mon Amour: My First 35 Years!

It’s the only film fest that I have attended regularly, year after year, like an annual ritual, with both symbolic meanings and practical effects.

Fate of the Furious: Largest Worldwide Launch Weekend Ever

How to make $500,000 in 3 days?