Kingsman: The Golden Circle–Good Beginning

The R-rated action film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is expected to top the box office and keep the September movie-going resurgence.

Oscar 2018: Dearest Sister, Laos First Submission for the Best Foreign Film Language Oscar

Horror-thriller, “Dearest Sister” has been selected by Laos as its first submission of a film for the Academy Awards foreign-language category.

Ad Astra: Brad Pitt’s Sci-Fi on January 11, 2019

Fox has dated Brad Pitt’s science-fiction movie “Ad Astra” for January 11, 2019.

Cured: Zombie Movies, Starring Ellen Page

IFC Films has acquired North American distribution rights to The Cured, zombie movie starring Ellen Page.

Hollywood 2017: Rotten Tomatoes Has No Impact on Box-Office

A new study debunks concerns that the scoring system Rotten Tomatoes, which publishes movie-critics reactions, is hurting box-office performance.