Eagle and the Hawk, The (1933): WWI Tale, Starring Fredric March, Cary Grant, and Carole Lombard

Directed by Stuart Walker and Mitchell Leisen, and based on John Monk Saunders’ original story, The Eagle and the Hawk is one of Hollywood’s most powerful and realistically downbeat WWI tales, perhaps due to the fact that it was made prior to the restrictions of the 1934 Code. The hierarchy of the casting provides commentary […]

Critics Choice Awards: Quincy–Best Music Documentary

“I’ve always felt like the best stories are non-fiction, and I love the idea of being able to shape a narrative with the fundamentals of reality and truth,” said Rashida Jones, who won best music documentary with her co-director Alan Hicks for Quincy, a documentary about her father Quincy Jones. “What’s great about documentaries is […]

Critics Choice Awards 2018: Michael Moore, Lifetime Achievement Honoree

The annual Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards on Saturday night took on a more politically charged tone. “Remember truth? That little thing that’s the foundation of civilization?” Robert De Niro asked wistfully, drawing laughs from the audience who’d gathered at the BRIC in Brooklyn on Saturday for the gala. “We live in a time of fiction […]

Insufferable Groo, The: Low-Budget Guerrilla Filmmaking–Steven Groo

The Insufferable Groo, directed by Scott Christopherson and produced Jared Harris, follows self-proclaimed director Steven Groo as he prepares to make his 200th film in 20 years.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Year’s Top Grossing Docu

Morgan Neville’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor? about Fred Rogers, the minister and famed children’s TV host, made more than $22 million domestically in 14 weeks. That’s the highest amount a documentary has made theatrically since 2013. Last year’s largest-grossing doc was Disneynature wildlife film, “Born in China,” which earned $13.8 million. Share this: