Oscar Scandals: Edith Head Vs. Dorothy Jenkins

Edith Head, nominated for Billy Wilder’s “The Emperor’s Waltz,” was furious and appalled that “Ingrid Bergman’s sackcloth and single suit of armor won over my Viennese finery.”

Hollywood 2017: Nevins, HBO’s Documentary Head, Steps Down

Sheila Nevins, HBO president of documentary films, is stepping down after 38 years.

Stereotypes: Intellectual

In American pop culture (books, films, TV) an intellectual is often depicted as either ineffectual, effeminate, homosexual, or villainous. Not only he does not get the girl in the end; he often is mocked and ostracized. Share this:

Oscar Competition

Michael Ondaaje, author of the acclaimed novel “The English Patient,” which was made into a 1996 Oscar winning picture, toldĀ  the press that he found the contest for Oscar to be “terrifying,” and that it was like “a blood sport.” “I hate public competition,” he observed, “because it reminds me of the Depression era movie, […]

Hollywood Death: Dandridge Dorothy, Oscar Nominee (Carmen Jones), Dead at 42

Dandridge was found dead and naked by her manager, Earl Mills, in 1965. A Los Angeles pathology report determined that the cause was an accidental overdose of imipramine, an anti-depressant, but mystery still surrounds her death (at 42).