Wonder Woman: Highest Grossing Film Directed by Woman

Wonder Woman broke records on Friday, as the highest-grossing live-action film to be directed by a woman.

Oscar Actors: Pitt, Brad

BRAD PITT, one of today’s strongest and most versatile film actors, is also a successful film producer with his company Plan B Entertainment. In the past few years, Pitt won two Oscar Awards, as a producer of the 2013 Best Picture 12 Years a Slave, directed by Steve McQueen (the film also won Oscars for screenwriter […]

Depp, Johnny: Actor Apologizes for Trump Assassination Joke

Johnny Depp has issued an apology for a controversial comment about President Trump, asking, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

Roman Israel, Esq: Legal Thriller Starring Denzel Washington

Sony’s legal thriller, written and directed by Dan Gilroy, starring Denzel Washington, is now titled: Roman Israel, Esq.

Baby Driver: Wright’s New Genre–Heist Actioner Set to Music

It’s an action thriller executed in a way that’s never been done before: there are car chases, intense action sequences, shootouts, all to the beat of 30 songs that writer-director Edgar Wright put together before finalizing the script.