Beauty and the Beast: Global Hit Crosses $500 Million

As of today, the film’s global total has crossed the $500 million milestone.

Oscar Speeches: Mann, Abby–Judgment at Nuremberg

I believe a writer worth his salt at all has an obligation not only to entertain, but to comment on the world in which he lives

Oscar Speeches: Tiomkin, Dimitri, The High and the Mighty

One of the most pretentious and pompous speeches was given by Dimitri Tiomkin, who won the Dramatic Score Oscar, for The High and the Mighty, in 1954: “I would like to thank my colleagues, Brahms, Bach, Beethoven, Richard Strauss.”

Han Solo Movie: Ian (Sing Street) Kenny Joins Alden Ehrenreich

Ian Kenny, who impressed in Sing Street, has joined the ensemble of Lucasfilm’s Han Solo stand-alone movie, starring Alden Ehrenreich.

Escape From New York: Rodriquez to Direct Remake of Carpenter’s 1981 Cult Picture

Robert Rodriguez is in negotiations to direct the remake of John Carpenter’s cult movie, Escape From New York.